BANCI By G. Banci Banci & Sons in Florence "The company takes its name from its founder, Joseph Bank, founded in 1899, initially only as glassware, later as the restoration workshop of glass chandeliers, crystal and iron. The Florentine craftsmanship is renowned worldwide for a tradition that began in medieval times with the establishment of Corporations of the Arts and Crafts, which made the city a major economic power, a meeting place for famous artists and craftsmen of the time . Iron working, in particular, has deep roots: strike while the iron, metalworking to make ornaments, transforming raw material into a refined object is an art for which Florence is famous worldwide. The Blacksmiths' Guild is one of the most important and rich in medieval and Renaissance Florence: the blacksmith's shop, we learn the art of hammering iron into the shop as the great artist learns to paint in respectful and conscious of creating certainty, with hands and ingenuity, something unique and unrepeatable

Iron chandelier with roses in particular Capodimonte. Gold finish.
. [...]

Size: H. 65 D. 78
Wrought iron and crystal chandelier. Gold and silver finish.
. [...]

Size: H. 90 D. 68
Floor lamp collection "The Metamorphosis". [...]
Chandelier collection "Tradition". [...]

Mirror in wrought iron finished in gold leaf.

Wrought iron console finished in gold leaf, Carrara marble floor.

. [...]
Chandelier collection "The Metamorphosis". [...]
Applique collection "naturalness". [...]

Size: H. 82 D. 80
Tulip bulb lamp collection "naturalness". [...]
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