BORDIGNON CAMILLO The company Camillo Bordignon thanks to the skill of its craftsmen gives us the pieces dating from the directory and the consulate that reaches maturity between 1804 and 1815, a period of particular splendor in which the cabinet reaches its maximum development. Never in the history of the empire mobile clearly identifies with the company's history: the style approach which emerged already during the Consulate and perfectly reflects the evolution of taste and morals. The phases of the painting are made by hand, the furniture are aged according to ancient techniques handed down from generations to generations. Particular attention is given to the latter stages of processing where the furniture is "coated" and finally finished with "lac" or "beeswax". The quality of used products, such as beeswax combined with the attention and care to detail, ensuring the finished product as a value quite unique in the tradition of art furniture Bassano.

Solid Kitchen composition and parts plywood, lacquered customized, glossy, antique finish. In particular appliance peninsula photos. [...]
3 doors sideboard in solid cherry, lacquered, two-tone finish with very damaged.
. [...]

Size: L. 220 W. 50 H. 105

Extendable solid wood table with inlaid, two colors, with distressed.

L. 180 (270) P. 90 H. 78

Harp back chair with lacquered two-tone upholstery customizable.

. [...]
Showcase with a door, antique cherry finish, two-tone lacquer with very damaged.
. [...]

Size: L. 150 W. 48 H. 215
Square folding table, antique walnut finish.
. [...]

Size: L. 110 W. 110 H. 78

Second size: L. 220 W. 110 H. 78
Showcase with 3 doors, antique walnut finish.. [...]

Size: L. 223 W. 50 H. 230
3 door bookcase in solid wood with 2 drawers and open space, lacquered customizable.
. [...]

Size: L. 170 W. 47 H. 230
Carved bed in solid wood, lacquer or walnut.
. [...]

Size: L. 212 W. 190 H. 135
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