EGO ZeroVentiquattro Every product speaks for itself.
He tells his story and that of those who 'have designed. This system of furniture designed and made to organize any area of the house, described a company where you add experience to experience. Why, 'technological innovation does not erase the character that comes from the work of past generations, but it helps to consolidate the achievements over time. The contemporary design and essential expression of a high quality creative joins stages of craftsmanship.

Shaped frosted oak sideboard with 4 doors, with Swarovski, shelves and glass top.
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Size: L. 203 W. 62 H. 76
Table with metal, glossy white finish, non-sanded wood legs, glossy white finish.

Sizes: L. 196 P. 96 H. 76

Armchair in wood finish with silver leather trim Elite White Softy.

Sizes: L. P. 53 67 H. 105
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Oak sideboard coplanar frosted glass doors or mirrors, glass shelves.
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Size: L. 190 W. 51 H. 86
Quilted bed curtain with pleats sewn in cloth cat. C Art. TAB/37, wooden feet until Sabbath. Silver Moon.
. [...]

Size: L. 187 W. 220 H. 143
Giotto quilted fabric cat. A bed Art. F793/21, with base metal fin. shiny black lacquer.. [...]

Size: L. 174 W. 242 H. 74
Marrakech bed oak sanded fin. black, wooden feet sanded fin. gold black, head covered with cloth cat. C Art. SR325/30.

Sizes: L. 204 P. 244 H. 224
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Size: L. 204 W. 244 H. 224
Agadir sandy bed oak. Moon, with wooden feet sanded fin. Silvermoon.

Sizes: L. 179 P. 223 H. 132
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Size: L. 179 W. 223 H. 132
Brando Sofa fabric cat. C Art. 80620/06, with Cusini seat cloth cat. C Art. 80620/01, oak floor sanded fin. shiny black lacquer, metal feet since. shiny black lacquer.
. [...]

Size: L. 200 W. 100 H. 60
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