CARPANELLI Carpanelli from 1919, a dynamic reality with its roots placed firmly in the past. This really is true. Just take a look at our company structure, at our recently opened show room and at our actual production - the maximum in "modern classics" achievable to date. The motivation behind this is our belief that art, culture, beauty and design are without age and can always leave you with new emotions. We can see that by following traditional workmanship along with new techniques and structures we have been able to adapt to modern comforts. This is thanks to the enlargement and the reorganisation of the antique workshops which has allowed us to create a company that uses to date techniques and so permitting us to export our designs worldwide. By restructuring our old workshops the company was able to create the new show-room - the largest exposition of our collections.

The entirely curved structure is of solid wood slabs with the outside part in cherry wood. Delicately inlaid on the doors with mother-of-pearl and shell inserts. There are four precious little eggs placed on the central shelf: two of "ialine" quartz,[...]. [...]

Size: L. 107 W. 49 H. 207
This piece is a true artistic sculpture. The doors are in solid wood and modelled like a real leaf. Also the stump-base in elm briar is an unparalleled symbol of the tree. On request, inside lighting.
. [...]

Size: L. 113 W. 45 H. 233
Made of palisander dotted with mother-of-pearl inserts. The doors have white fretwork to set off the ebony. On the sides, the central portion is made of palisander. The bottom is mirrored, with speckled led lighting available upon request. The thickn[...]. [...]

Size: L. 125 W. 50 H. 220
An important piece of furniture with an original, sculptural shape. The structure is solid wood slabs plated with briar-wood with zebrano bands and borders, mother-of-pearl inserts. On request, inside lighting.. [...]

Size: L. 100 W. 43 H. 211
It has a sculpted palisander structure with doors covered with bronzed mirrors. In the centre, a decoration like a comet in solid wood executed with different types of briarwood and in different thicknesses. The inlay of a rose and ears of corn is on[...]. [...]

Size: L. 113 W. 46 H. 200
It has a semicircular form and inlaid palisander doors flanked by side columns in white briarwood, like the central part with drawers. The upper part has an inlay on a palisander background and two crystal flaps. Inside there are little drawers and a[...]. [...]

Size: L. 186 W. 56 H. 115
It is a architectonic composition of full and empty spaces, of glass cabinets and doors, moving on various levels. Its geometrical square motifs with stars inlaid in solid wood, square the ends of the small vitrines. On request, inside lighting.. [...]

Size: L. 245 W. 45 H. 170
Has a solid palisander structure with hand-inlaid dots of mother-of-pearl and surface made entirely of palisander. The sides are inclined and the front is richly rounded with doors in cerejeira featherband veneer and the end in palisander relief work[...]. [...]

Size: L. 216 W. 59 H. 109
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