PALMOBILI Palmobili is a business reality authentically artisan why can boast solid professional roots based on family tradition: the art passed down from father to son in the carpentry shop, polishing and restoration, the company has grown over many years of activity dedicated to the work of quality in the production of furniture, and furnishings of great stylistic exclusive pieces produced in small series by use of precious woods (most solid), carefully seasoned, carved, inlaid and finished with techniques that everyone now provide many manual steps performed by real carpenters. Polishing, the pride of tradition Palmobili expresses the sincere passion of working artisans of which only a refined aesthetic and technological capabilities as a whole can explain and give respect to a result worthy of the most demanding national and international clientele. The new home of Mariano Comense (Co), built and designed to maintain and consolidate the historical quality criteria, allows a linear and modern management of all phases in order to realize a production decision that never come to terms with the best and more classical as the furniture in Brianza.

This "Mezzaluna" (about 1787 vintage), belongs to the period Hepplewhite "in 1787 or so. The marquetry of the plan are made with circles to follow, perfectly set on a single lastronatura that includes a semi-oval walnut. The clean, elegant design is[...]. [...]

Size: L. 110 W. 47 H. 96

In this table (some time early eighteenth century) the executive expertise in the inlays are boasting positioned at the floor is particularly significant. These inlays describe sophisticated linear essences, a practice Decorative Venetian.

. [...]
Armchair (age late eighteenth century), Italian neoclassical style. The carved leaf water, characterize the time cited. The beautiful line rounded and comfortable armrests, the chair of this elegant cannatura, mean that differs from other pieces of t[...]. [...]

Size: L. 58 W. 52 H. 102
This neoclassical chair features armrests curl and back made of woven cane by hand, with floral decorations. The seat upholstery is made using methods such as "Once" (springs, straps and hemp). L: 50 W: 57 H: 93
. [...]

Size: L. 50 W. 57 H. 93
Neoclassical chair (period around the eighteenth century), Italian late '700. The carved leaf and heart-shaped legs make this piece an elegance indissoluble, giving a touch of class.
. [...]

Size: L. 52 W. 46 H. 92
Fraschetta table, round with covered top piellacci walnut triangular-shaped star. It 'feature to the Greek interlocking rings made with exceptional skill, using the same lastronatura plan. The base of the octagonal table made in sequence, represents [...]. [...]

Size: H. 75 D.

The console Venice (1750) supported by elements virtuously with arched carved fittings which is a captivating example of the beautiful lightweight construction. Completely hand made in solid cherry with walnut lastronatura of filets with Bois de R[...]. [...]

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