SILVANO GRIFONI All houses are made to be inhabited, but also live and 'art. The same that has always been us in the creation of objects capable of expressing essential values, rich in memories and traditions are still very present. Then choose how you want to live, surrounded by all the values of an artisan culture, history an idea of beauty that is ours and that and 'timeless. The same one that allows us to imagine life scenarios and new objects are always soul and essence of the house where they live. The style and quality then the object. Many real, small, large major temptations. The same accompanying our love for antiques, for tradition, for a world still unknown but both decorative and full of promise. All houses are made to be inhabited, but also live and 'art and on this we have created our own.

Bathroom Console, wood carved Carrara marble top, lacquered, decorated ancient Mecca and color, antique finish. [...]

Size: L. 107 W. 60 H. 88
Bathroom Console Wood, Carrara marble top, carved, lacquered, decorated with polychrome ancient mecca, with 2 sink.

. [...]

Size: L. 173 W. 60 H. 92

Bathroom console,  carved wood, red Verona marble top, two-tone gold decoration, antique finish.

. [...]

Size: L. 120 W. 60 H. 87
Bathroom Console, wooden decor and antique silver color, carved in pink marble floor Portugal.
. [...]

Size: L. 130 W. 60 H. 88

Bed with frames, wood carving, silver decoration real mecca. 

L. 182 P. 203 H. 138

Carved wooden armchair, upholstered with custom fabric, silver decoration real mecca.

L. P. 60 50 H. 104

. [...]

Only headboard carved decorative two-tone gold, quilted, fabric or leather customizable.

L. 194 H. 104

Armchair bicolor gold decoration, carved, coated fabric customizable.

L. P. 58 51 H. 97

. [...]
Bed with frames, wooden hand carved, two-tone gold decoration.
. [...]

Size: L. 194 W. 213 H. 140
Bed Head, hand carved wood, gold two-tone decor, antique finishes.. [...]

Size: L. 180 W. 5 H. 141
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