VITTORIO GRIFONI In 1956, in Florence in May street, famous for the quarter "of the antique, the Griffins, master restorers, opened his shop. For nearly 50 years Vittorio Grifoni keep the rules of "traditional methods" of decoration, its still giving the taste of the old furniture shop in Florence. The Griffin family has been able to maintain over time the oldest rules of construction and decoration of furniture. The furniture is handcrafted with selected woods and aged in a natural way, the coating is wax, the inlays are made by master cabinetmakers. The decoration, inspired by afffreschi historic building and interior are all handmade. Owning a piece of Vittorio Grifoni means bringing in his own home a piece of Tuscan history and a prestigious past is alive.

Sideboard with 2 doors, curved, lacquered and finely decorated by hand.
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Size: L. 140 W. 60 H. 88
Solid wood dresser, curved, lacquered and decorated entirely by hand.

Sizes: L. 170 P. 60 H. 93
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Size: L. 170 W. 60 H. 93
Showcase 3 doors inlegno solid bottom finely carved, lacquered and glossy finish antiques.
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Size: L. 146 W. 42 H. 204
Showcase with two solid wood doors, rounded finish antique decor.

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Size: L. 133 W. 48 H. 203
Wooden Chest, decorated antique gold, also feasible to measure.
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Size: L. 120 W. 44 H. 56
Chest typical Tuscan '400, rich decorations made entirely by hand in solid wood.
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Size: L. 126 W. 36 H. 110
Toilette made of solid wood, shaped like a 'bean', particularly also in its decorations, finish silver / gold Florentine.
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Size: L. 103 W. 54 H. 148
TV-cabinet as a real wardrobe made entirely of wood with or without decorations, customizable photo finish: antique decor.
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Size: L. 156 W. 45 H. 195
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