ZANABONI Victor Zanaboni, a versatile and wise person, from 1967 is dedicated to the revival of lounge classics CONUN result showed that in the years of quality its main historical communicative value. His prodiotti are the result of a skillful work that blends quality and worthy of the best school acccuratezza craft a work of years with love and attention to refined details that make unique and exclusive works. Sofas, beds, fabrics and accessories for a home that is not seeking ostentation but becomes dream, poetry, sometimes nostalgic, in a mix of sophistication and seduction for a vision of beauty personality unpublished. A home theater sometimes, a stage with a strong vocation to a classical rassicuranteche has always distinguished the production Zanaboni.

Walnut armchair, finely finished by hand, using techniques of the period. The upholstery can be made with woven fabric or customer's home.
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Size: L. 78 W. 80 H. 98
2 seater sofa. Coating selection and also customizable. Available 1 and 3 seat versions.
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Size: L. 227 W. 112 H. 107
Pagina: 1 2 3