The console which becomes an oval table by raising the side flaps, has a solid wood structure of walnut with four tapered legs enriched by inlay edging. The table top has an rich band of briarwood with hand-set edging and inlays.

cm 150 x 62[...]

Its base’s particular sculptured form made of intertwined rings is the distinctive sign of this large hospitable table. The volumetric play is emphasized by the different shades of cherry-wood and briarwood. Technology and clever cabinet making combi[...]

Size: L. 190 W. 120 H. 78
The crystal top reveals splendid inlaid "plateaux" and the play of swirls which made up the table base and support. The entirely curved swirls which support the top are of solid wood slabs with the outside part in briar.

Size: L. 210 W. 118 H. 76

The designer Prof. Leopoldo Carpanelli, with is nephew Architect Giuseppe, has created a piece which, as well as being an extraordinary example of refinement, also has an unusual patented extension which takes nothing away from the beauty of the w[...]

As harmonious as a drop of water (as the name implies) falling gently to illuminate a room. The entirely curved structure is made of solid cherrywood with trimmings in zebrano wood and an inlaid Carpanelli brand. On request, internal lighting is avai[...]

Size: L. 60 W. 39 H. 192
The entirely curved structure is of solid wood slabs with the outside part in cherry wood. Delicately inlaid on the doors with mother-of-pearl and shell inserts. There are four precious little eggs placed on the central shelf: two of "ialine" quartz,[...]

Size: L. 107 W. 49 H. 207
This piece is a true artistic sculpture. The doors are in solid wood and modelled like a real leaf. Also the stump-base in elm briar is an unparalleled symbol of the tree. On request, inside lighting.

Size: L. 113 W. 45 H. 233
Made of palisander dotted with mother-of-pearl inserts. The doors have white fretwork to set off the ebony. On the sides, the central portion is made of palisander. The bottom is mirrored, with speckled led lighting available upon request. The thickn[...]

Size: L. 125 W. 50 H. 220
An important piece of furniture with an original, sculptural shape. The structure is solid wood slabs plated with briar-wood with zebrano bands and borders, mother-of-pearl inserts. On request, inside lighting.

Size: L. 100 W. 43 H. 211
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