Sideboard with 2 doors in oak and cherry, 2 adjustable shelves with 2 drawers, exposed finish: lacquer coated nougat "34S".

Sizes: L. 195 P. 56 H. 95

Size: L. 195 W. 56 H. 95
Showcase 2 door oak and cherry, with 4 adjustable glass shelves, exposed finish: outside "D2", internal lacquer coated nougat "34S".

Size: L. 178 W. 56 H. 220
Lime TV cabinet with 2 flaps, 2 drawers. Finish shown: kafe "KOS".

Size: L. 149 W. 55 H. 60
Lime sideboard, 2 central lining doors, exposed finish: lacquered white gloss "22S" top "DO".

L. 186 P. 56 H. 105

Oval mirror in white lacquered wood.

L. 110 H. 70
Lime sideboard, with two doors with central frieze. Finish exposed "GS".

Size: L. 186 W. 56 H. 105
This dresser is inspired by the lines of the Venetian Baroque, around 1730. Excellent example of crafts with 2 shaped drawers, veneered with walnut, inlaid with ebony, walnut and maple. The floor is made of solid walnut, the structure is in natural w[...]

Size: L. 128 W. 55 H. 91
This sideboard has been designed taking shape and detail typical of the '600. The frame is shaped a process called 'wooden head' walnut. The hardware is made by hand. The doors are attached to the upper frame with the particular fastening with nai[...]

Size: L. 223 W. 63 H. 100
This dresser was conducted along the lines of '600. In shaped frame is a work called 'wooden head' walnut. The hardware is made by hand, the wings are attached to the upper frame with particular fisaggio with nails, typical working age. Particular[...]

Size: L. 156 W. 55 H. 112
Typical reasons ashlar drawers typical Venetian furniture end 600. A richly carved dresser replaces the stamp and the first upper tray flap hides a series of small drawers. The chest is made of solid walnut and the frame is made of fir wood as well a[...]

Size: L. 138 W. 63 H. 112