'Giotto' sideboard, Florence / Siena style, dating from the fifteenth century and characterized by three large doors. The rich marquetry 'Carthusian' on doors, made of small pieces of different woods give the cabinet a distinctive flavor, making [...]

Size: L. 248 W. 60 H. 110
Renaissance-inspired Tuscan sideboard. Has a print architecture that is recognized in the sober linearity of the structural design. The two large doors are carefully crafted with an inlay in an elegant color scheme. The shoulders are decorated with p[...]

Size: L. 221 W. 60 H. 116
This 'vision' sideboard inspired by the Renaissance Tuscan, characterized by precious inlaid doors, the sides open to reveal other compartments. Hides a special mechanism that once activated, causes a television a plasma television. This combinatio[...]

Size: L. 214 W. 62 H. 95
This coffee table, which recalls the taste of the early 's 800 is characterized by fluid, but calibrated, intertwining legs easily connected by a turned pedestal. The plan is elegantly enriched by a precious inlay.

Size: L. 141 W. 78 H. 50

Chair and armchair in solid walnut with hand-carved and pierced back. Leather upholstery (including cloth), antique finish. 

Chair Art 10/S: L. P. 59 52 H. 99 

Armchair Art 10/P: L. P. 61 52 H. 99

Fingerprint seventeenth century with the typical pattern of faceted 4 drawers. A beautiful frame rests on a foot onion, the sides are made more impressive by the presence of a column in solid rounded.

Dresser Art VA 331: L. 135 P. 58 H. 110[...]

This dresser and bedside table very valuable for the double curvature evident in the front and sides. They are finely veneered herringbone in drawers and on the floor.

Dresser Art. VA 389:  L. 128 P. 60 H. 96 

Bedside TAble Art.VA 189[...]

This furniture has been designed taking shape and detail typical of the '600. The frame is shaped a process called 'Wooden Head' walnut. The hardware is made by hand. VA 488/AB version (pictured below) has been equipped with bars: shelves with 2 d[...]

Size: L. 156 W. 55 H. 112
Bookcase with Venetian patina handmade decorations. The result is a piece that conveys the charm and beauty that has always characterized Venice.

Size: L. 244 W. 62 H. 260