Walnut armchair, finely finished by hand, using techniques of the period. The upholstery can be made with woven fabric or customer's home.

Size: L. 78 W. 80 H. 98
2 seater sofa. Coating selection and also customizable. Available 1 and 3 seat versions.

Size: L. 227 W. 112 H. 107
Example of construction of wall panels complete with roof lounge for a home in the English style.
Example of custom made dining room complete with wood paneling.
Natural chestnut wood sideboard finished by hand. Inspired by a Badalone sacristy of the fifteenth century, then transformed into belief, held in Florence at the Museo Bardini.

Size: L. 220 W. 53 H. 124
Solid wood chestnut chest finish with hand forged iron studs and the inside cover with painted decoration. Is inspired by an accurate translation of a Tuscan wedding chest (about the fifteenth century) preserved in Rome at Palazzo Venezia.

Size: L. 173 W. 72 H. 68
Solid wood chest with painted chestnut archaic handmade internal coperchio. It's inspired by a kitchen cabinet late medieval northern Italy (around the late fifteenth century) preserved in Florence at the Museo Bardini.

Size: L. 149 W. 58 H. 79
Chestnut solid wood hand finished wardrobe even in the carvings of the windows, and the translation of an original Gothic-Nordic very essential.

Size: L. 104 W. 36 H. 190
Refectory table in solid natural chestnut finished by hand. This is the translation of a very popular model in Italy and repeatedly for several centuries (XV-XVII) always with similar characteristics and slight variations.

Size: L. 250 W. 85 H. 78