Table-tilting bench solid wood chestnut hand finished. Translation of an original of uncertain age, probably of the sixteenth century found in Lucca and now kept in a private U.S. collection.

Size: L. 100 W. 66 H. 140
Locker solid wood chestnut hand finished carved on the door and side jambs, is the translation of a small cabinet with Gothic influences Nordic construction but probably much later (around the sixteenth century) preserved in Germany, private collecti[...]

Size: L. 95 W. 40 H. 74
Solid wood chestnut finished completely by hand chair, and carved wooden seat. Is inspired by an original invoice clearly popular (Sicily, nineteenth century) currently stored at the Museum of Palazzo Bellomo in Syracuse.

Size: L. 50 W. 50 H. 110
Sideboard with drawers in solid chestnut and with a diamond point.

Size: L. 140 W. 46 H. 88
Solid chestnut, antique lacquered finish sideboard.

Size: L. 163 W. 43 H. 108
Solid chestnut chest, restoration hardware, vintage paintings manually.

Size: L. 135 W. 60 H. 59
Table of thick solid chestnut refectory building technique, antique finishes.

Size: L. 200 W. 80 H. 78
Kitchen Mona Rosa, typical Tuscan style, built entirely of natural solid wood chestnut. He hinges, locks and pendants of drawers and wrought iron forged by hand. The doors of the cabinet are hanging leaded glass. The large hood is supported by two br[...]
Mona Pia kitchen, beautiful kitchen classic chestnut wood natural waxed. With its furniture and its accessories allows different, interesting compositions. Setting with working corner granite. Large fridge-freezer cabinet. Calandrino table and chair [...]