It has a sculpted palisander structure with doors covered with bronzed mirrors. In the centre, a decoration like a comet in solid wood executed with different types of briarwood and in different thicknesses. The inlay of a rose and ears of corn is on[...]

Size: L. 113 W. 46 H. 200
It has a semicircular form and inlaid palisander doors flanked by side columns in white briarwood, like the central part with drawers. The upper part has an inlay on a palisander background and two crystal flaps. Inside there are little drawers and a[...]

Size: L. 186 W. 56 H. 115
It is a architectonic composition of full and empty spaces, of glass cabinets and doors, moving on various levels. Its geometrical square motifs with stars inlaid in solid wood, square the ends of the small vitrines. On request, inside lighting.

Size: L. 245 W. 45 H. 170
Has a solid palisander structure with hand-inlaid dots of mother-of-pearl and surface made entirely of palisander. The sides are inclined and the front is richly rounded with doors in cerejeira featherband veneer and the end in palisander relief work[...]

Size: L. 216 W. 59 H. 109
This is a piece which combines functionality with beauty and which can be used as a glass cabinet, bookcase, sideboard and TV table. It has been designed asymmetrical on purpose in order to confer originality to the whole. The round cherry-wood struc[...]

Size: L. 317 W. 47 H. 203
It is made of cherry-wood and palisander in a playful design. The outer front thickness is also made of palisander whereas the inner one is rosewood. The back is made of mirror to increase luminosity whilst the central door has a back made of briarwo[...]

Size: L. 181 W. 51 H. 213
It is a real sculpture in wood reminding one of a tree whose branches stretch up towards the sky. The wavy work of the “branches” has been designed to make it light and they feature rosewood in the front thickness and floral inlays in the terminal pa[...]

Size: L. 212 W. 48 H. 230
This splendid piece of furniture is an arch bookcase (made of palisander with triangular counterpoint of rosewood and shell inserts), there is a central class cabinet with a briarwood door and mirror back; finally there is a sideboard forming the bas[...]

Size: L. 203 W. 43 H. 239
Gold leaf with swarovsky details.

Size: L. 200 W. 85 H. 214
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