Foam walnut console with drawer, the details are hand-carved, gold plating is the same in gold leaf, the marble floor is green alps.

Size: L. 115 W. 44 H. 96
 "Empire" style bench with hand carved details, and the same finished in gold leaf.

Size: L. 114 W. 45 H. 80
'800-stylle dresser flips down walnut, with inlaid details. (You can have the floor or white Carrara marble or green alps)

L: 135 P: 58 H: 114

'800-style bedside table with four drawers and special inlaid walnut crotch. (You can have [...]
'800 Sicilian-style console feather walnut, with drawer and hand carving, white Carrara marble floor.

Size: L. 130 W. 55 H. 106
Console in foam tray with curved walnut carving and handmade, the gilding is gold leaf, the top is in white Carrara marble.

Size: L. 132 W. 48 H. 90
'800 Console-style foam made of walnut, with drawer, the carvings are hand made, available with white Carrara marble.

Size: L. 115 W. 50 H. 96
Extendable round table "Delfino" in walnut crotch.

Diameter: 120 H: 80 (160/120/80)

Chair Model "Cigno".

L: 45 P: 45 H: 85
Writing desk "Empire" in cherry and burl myrtle, with five drawers, one with a lock.

L: 115 P: 60 H: 77


L: 40 D: 42 H: 90
Sicilian-style console with drawer 800 and grooves performed manually, the plan is in white Carrara marble.

Size: L. 114 W. 47 H. 100