The 1750 Testina Veneziana, reflects working Veneto 700, with carvings of a testimony of sincere observance Rocaille craftsmanship. E 'built solid walnut with walnut and fillets acero.E' polished completely by hand with alcohol and shellac wax. L: [...]

Size: L. 82 W. 52 H. 94
Maggiolini dresser, typical of 700 Italian, is made all in solid wood. The structure is all in fine wood, such as solid spruce aged. The workmanship of the furniture is made with the same charges at the time. Indeed uses the slab 2-3 mm. Which charac[...]

Size: L. 132 W. 55 H. 95
Middle age 700 with fingerprint characteristics Marches trumeau. The structure of the cabinet has concave sides and rests on a base frame with a foot cantilever. The cabinet is constructed using the same criteria that the '700 inpiallacciato with sl[...]

Size: L. 116 W. 51 H. 104
Even this piece (vintage 1750), is made with fine woods such as pine, cherry and walnut. The carvings, reminiscent of floral and Rocaille. It 'a particular piece of beauty, constructed using slabs of ash burl, walnut, maple and boxwood.

Size: L. 103 W. 54 H. 104
This table (period 1720-1750) reflects the radiance of the high cabinet Bell, one of its most prosperous periods. This mobile exhibition beautiful inlays, made using various noble essences such as walnut Bois de Rose, maple, ebony and cherry. The str[...]

Size: H. 77 D.
Venetian console (half of '600) is a piece made entirely of walnut and cherry. All finishes and carvings are made by hand, with central rosette and carvings type Rocaille. For the construction of this model are used slabs of walnut 3mm.

Size: L. 145 W. 54 H. 101
This  "Mezzaluna" (about 1787 vintage), belongs to the period Hepplewhite "in 1787 or so. The marquetry of the plan are made with circles to follow, perfectly set on a single lastronatura that includes a semi-oval walnut. The clean, elegant design[...]

Size: L. 110 W. 47 H. 96

In this table (some time early eighteenth century) the executive expertise in the inlays are boasting positioned at the floor is particularly significant. These inlays describe sophisticated linear essences, a practice Decorative Venetian.

Armchair (age late eighteenth century), Italian neoclassical style. The carved leaf water, characterize the time cited. The beautiful line rounded and comfortable armrests, the chair of this elegant cannatura, mean that differs from other pieces of t[...]

Size: L. 58 W. 52 H. 102