Table lamp decorated with porcelain and crystal.

Size: L. 28 W. 28 H. 90
Porcelain vase hand painted, antique finish. H. 28 Diam 105

Size: H. 105 D. 28

Size: H. 105 D. 28
Porcelain mirror, decorated by hand, embellished with floral relief.

Sizes: L. 80 D. 0 H. 90

Size: L. 80 W. 5 H. 90

Finely polished porcelain chandelier by hand.

Diam 22 H. 55

Table clock finely hand painted porcelain. Di

am. 20 H. 30

Hand painted porcelain vase, antique finish. 

Size: H. 110 D. 40
Lamp with base in china and parts of gilded bronze antique effect. Shade in black satin edged with velvet.

Size: H. 100 D. 27
Porcelain Candlestick. H. 87 Diam 83

Porcelain lamp with shade cloth. H. 50 Diam 80
Lamp with porcelain base and gilt bronze parts in plating bath.

Size: H. 82 D. 50
Chandelier with porcelain flowers and aged brass parts.

Size: H. 80 D. 65