Bronze chandelier with porcelain flowers entirely handmade and decorative elements in pure gold. H. 95 Diam 65

Size: H. 65 D. 95

Size: H. 95 D. 65
Porcelain applique with parts in gilt bronze in the plating bath. Perforated porcelain diffuser.

Size: L. 31 W. 5 H. 20
Applique with porcelain parts, gilt bronze plating bath. Diffuser perforated porcelain.

Size: L. 34 W. 5 H. 21
Porcelain chandelier gilt bronze in plating bath and glass parts.

Size: H. 54 D. 60
Lamp with base porcelain and gilt bronze parts in plating bath. Shade white satin edged grogren colored. 

Size: L. 30 W. 22 H. 57
Porcelain chandelier porcelain and gilt bronze n shares in plating bath. Diffuser perforated porcelain. 

Size: H. 71 D. 44
Lamp parts made entirely of porcelain with gilt bronze in the plating bath. Shade with satin colored border. 

Size: H. 75 D. 56
Brass lamp with shade in hand painted porcelain.

Size: L. 25 W. 5 H. 33

Chandelier in brass with porcelain shade decorated by hand.

Size: H. 80 D. 62