Porcelain lamp with gold decorations.

Size: H. 82 D. 49
Chandelier 10 lights in fine porcelain with gold decorations. Available in numerous solutions.

Size: H. 80 D. 150
Chest of 3 drawers 'Genovese', walnut and feather thread bois de rose, old wood casing.

Size: L. 128 W. 45 H. 91
'Maggiolini' dresser, 20/10 veneer, inlaid tables available in the report.

Size: L. 120 W. 55 H. 85
Square table, vintage '700 style, Emiliano in olive and walnut inlaid with boxwood, 3mm veneer.

Size: L. 50 W. 50 H. 75
Round table 'Emiliano', with drawer and inlay.

Size: H. 72 D. 60
'Callas' '700 Venetian completely veneer dresser, antique finish.

Size: L. 138 W. 64 H. 95
Showcase with 2 doors 'Villa Durini', slabs 4mm Zebrano, walnut, cherry, olive and chestnut. Interior upholstered in damask, bevelled glass.

Size: L. 156 W. 58 H. 216
'Emilia' walnut sideboard, cherry. The external structure is in solid walnut veneer 4mm. The interiors are boxwood.

Size: L. 162 W. 50 H. 106