Louis XVI 'Emilia' showcase, slabs Persian roots, 4mm fillet with cherry, maple and boxwood inlay. The backs can be in ash or walnut.

Size: L. 120 W. 48 H. 205
'Dutch' carved chair, in walnut, custom fabrics, upholstery made of soft imitation antiques.
'700 French chair, finely carved on the base, the fabrics for seat cushions.
Chair in English style, slabs, finely carved, walnut.
'Art DecÚ' Walnut chair.
'Neoclassical' consoles, with 2 drawers, 3mm veneer with walnut, padauk, maple and cherry.

Size: L. 96 W. 37 H. 82
'Neoclassical' lounge table, 4mm veneer, walnut, olive, maple, walnut and padauk. The structure is completely of walnut.

Size: L. 120 W. 120 H. 54
Vanity 'Neoclassical' mezzaluna, walnut veneer 3mm, with drawer and shelf, cherry and olive. Inlaid maple.

Size: L. 81 W. 36 H. 91
'Neoclassical' table, 3mm walnut veneer, cherry, maple, olive wood and zebra wood, with a stretch of 50 cm.

Size: L. 170 W. 95 H. 78