Black dyed pear wood with boulle marquetry. Marble top.

Size: L. 125 W. 50 H. 80
Vener in bois de rose and rosewood. Marble top.

Size: L. 128 W. 55 H. 88
Mahogany with maple marquetry, golden bronzes. Marble top.

Size: L. 161 W. 59 H. 12
Walnut and ash brier. Marble top.

Size: L. 127 W. 67 H. 84
Vener in bois de rose and rosewood, polichrome wood marquetry.

Size: L. 128 W. 56 H. 94
Veneer in rosewood, polichrome wood, marquetry with mother of pearl details. Marble top.

Size: L. 140 W. 60 H. 94
Veneer in bois de rose and rosewood, marlbel top. Period: 1750/1770 

Size: L. 119 W. 49 H. 87
Chair with carved, black lacquered and gold leaf legs, fabric seat and back, leather headrest.

Size: L. 65 W. 50 H. 107
Armchair with carved, lacquered and gold leaf legs amd arms, fabric seat and back, leather.

Size: L. 65 W. 58 H. 107