'Maggiolini' dresser, 3 drawers 'Bitto', 3mm veneer walnut, olive, padauk, and maple / walnut.

Size: L. 125 W. 52 H. 100
Table 'Colonial '800' 4 drawers with 8 legs, 3mm veneer in olive, walnut, maple or fruit woods.

Size: L. 64 W. 64 H. 75
Round table 'Neoclassical' 'Sormani Villa', 3mm veneer walnut, rosewood, olives, cherry, bois de Violet. The details are finely carved gold leaf.

Size: H. 75 D. 72
Boureau 'Veneto '700', slabs from 4mm olive with olive burl, maple and rosewood thread.

Size: L. 120 W. 53 H. 110
'700 'Marquetterie' dresser, 3mm walnut veneer, rosewood and boxwood.

Size: L. 130 W. 55 H. 95
'700 desk, 3mm walnut veneer, rosewood and walnut. Beautifully hand carved, finished with antique finish.

Size: L. 110 W. 55 H. 100
Table 'Zodiac', 3mm veneer maple, boxwood, cherry, walnut, rosewood and rosewood.

Size: H. 74 D. 76
'700 'Lombard' dresser, 4 drawers, burl veneer Ferrara 4mm polished swab techniques of the past.

Size: L. 140 W. 60 H. 102
Table 'neoclassical', dodge, 3mm veneer in olive, Zebrano, Rosewood, cherry and maple.

Size: L. 110 W. 110 H. 45