Sconce, bronze castings, machining mosaic mother of pearl and gold, inlaid shell black gliada profiles.

L: 24.5 W: 12.5 H: 14.5

Round table, cast bronze, mosaic work plan.

Size: H. 67 D. 60
Table lamp, bronze casting, six arms, base and central body in black lacquered wood or marble, plaster and insert ring covered peaks in cut crystal. Diam.58 H: 112

Size: H. 112 D. 58
Table lamp, bronze castings with enamel ring insert.

Size: H. 43 D. 26
Table lamp, bronze casting, with glass needles and insert ring covered in plaster. Available in candelabra.

Size: H. 51 D. 40
Table lamp with pivoting, cast bronze, marble base, angel investment casting.

Size: H. 60 D. 45
Table lamp, four lights, cast bronze, made of special casting, based on a marble column.

Size: H. 67 D. 45
Table lamp, bronze castings, gold 24k gold. Transparent Murano glass and wood burl.

Size: H. 76 D. 52
Table lamp, bronze casting, cast parts with wax. Basis, and columns of alabaster or marble inserts.

Size: H. 71 D. 46