Chest of drawers, veneer in ebony, printed leather details. Top snake printed leather. Gold bronzees.

Size: L. 125 W. 50 H. 80
Chest of drawers. Veneer in ebony with snake printed leather. Gold bronzes. Application on svarovsky crystals. Mink details. Marble top.

Size: L. 141 W. 70 H. 90
Chest of drawers black lacquered and gold leaf. Gold bronzies. Application on svarovsky crystals.

Size: L. 123 W. 50 H. 90
Round Table, carving and leaf gold base. Inlaied and leather top. Details in printed snnake leather. Application on svarovsky crystals.

Size: H. 78 D. 130
Cabinet. Carved, lacquered and silver leaf base. Black lacqured and silver leaf top.Application on svarovsky crystals.

Size: L. 136 W. 50 H. 168

Desk covered in printed snake and tejus leather. Gold leaf details. Application on svarovsky crystals.

Chair. Black and white lacquered. Gold leaf details. L. 49 P: 46 H. 109

Size: L. 145 W. 75 H. 75
Sofa, black lacquered. Carved wood in gold leaf.

Size: L. 220 W. 90 H. 135

Armchair black lacquered and gold leaf. Printed leather details. Application on svarosky crystals.

L. 65 P. 58 H. 107

Consolebalck lacquered. Covered with coco and snake printed leather. Goldf leaf details. Application on swarovsky[...]

Size: L. 100 W. 40 H. 83

Chest of drawers in maple frisee and gold leaf, swarovsky elements, gole leaf decoration and the top.

Size: L. 104 W. 60 H. 88