Candlestick with antique gold decoration.

Size: H. 188 D. 65
Applique with polychrome decoration and glossy mecca.

Size: L. 29 W. 5 H. 47

Applique, decorative and antique gold color.

L: 31 H: 15

Applique: sconce, antique gold decoration and color.

L: 21 H: 15

Applique, antique polychrome decoration.

Six light chandelier, completely hand-crafted wood, polychrome glazed decoration and mechanical. 

Also available with 8 lights (Art.519).

Size: H. 73 D. 84
Wooden chandelier, completely hand made, six lights, decoration pickled.

Size: H. 72 D. 74
Chandelier completely hand-carved wood, 5 lights decorated two-tone gold.

Size: H. 64 D. 60
7 candlestick lamps, silver decoration real mecca, and ancient gold and walnut version. H: 207

Size: L. 30 W. 30 H. 207
Mirror with polychrome decoration and antique mecca.

Size: L. 80 W. 50 H. 105