Mirror completely hand carved, decorated pickled.

Size: L. 94 W. 5 H. 108
Mirror completely hand carved wood, decorated pickled.

Size: L. 95 W. 5 H. 145
Bathroom console in wood, carved, red Verona marble top, laccta antique gold leaf profiles.

Size: L. 166 W. 65 H. 87
Bathroom Consoles, wooden carved Carrara marble top floor, polychrome decoration and antique silver, antique finish.

Size: L. 130 W. 60 H. 86
Bathroom Console, wood carved Carrara marble top, lacquered, decorated ancient Mecca and color, antique finish

Size: L. 107 W. 60 H. 88
Bathroom Console Wood, Carrara marble top, carved, lacquered, decorated with polychrome ancient mecca, with 2 sink.

Size: L. 173 W. 60 H. 92

Bathroom console,  carved wood, red Verona marble top, two-tone gold decoration, antique finish.

Size: L. 120 W. 60 H. 87
Bathroom Console, wooden decor and antique silver color, carved in pink marble floor Portugal.

Size: L. 130 W. 60 H. 88

Bed with frames, wood carving, silver decoration real mecca. 

L. 182 P. 203 H. 138

Carved wooden armchair, upholstered with custom fabric, silver decoration real mecca.

L. P. 60 50 H. 104