F201 gold leaf finish sofa covered in velvet customizable (photo magenta). Foot oak finish customizable. Available with or without rhinestones.

Size: L. 238 W. 100 H. 75
Rounded olive burl finish F304 sideboard.

Size: L. 170 W. 60 H. 90
Hand carved and curved sideboard, lacquered painted completely customizable.

Size: L. 155 W. 55 H. 102
Sideboard rounded and carved on wood. F101 finish, lacquered white. Customizable.

Size: L. 163 W. 55 H. 94
Dresser curved and carved in solid wood finish F305 black on olive roots.

Sizes: L. 165 P. 60 H. 94

Carved wooden mirror in silver leaf finish F202 customizable.

Sizes: L. 110 D. 5 H. 106
Wooden bed carved, hand painted leaf finish-silver oxide. Quilted mattress with headboard upholstered in velvet fabric dark gray cat. D.

Size: L. 177 W. 216 H. 148
Wooden bed decorated Tudor finish ivory, gold-leaf profiles.

Size: L. 176 W. 215 H. 139
Letto in ferro pieno, forgiato a mano. Con pomo d'alabastro tornito e inciso, finitura foglia-argento decapè.

Size: L. 171 W. 214 H. 141
Full iron bed, forged and hand painted with special cast, silver-leaf finish Decapé.

Size: L. 170 W. 216 H. 154