Toilet "Satine" in connection with a chair. L: 145 P: 80 H: 200

Size: L. 145 W. 80 H. 200
Two-seater sofa upholstered in fabric with cushions spread. L: 220 P: 93 H: 91

Size: L. 220 W. 93 H. 91
Sofa three seater model Diana, richly carved frame, pickled finish.

Size: L. 240 W. 105 H. 142
Sofa "Lucy-Wine" two seats upholstered with velvet cushions spread.

Size: L. 250 W. 125 H. 105
Sofa "Paris" upholstered fabric quilted with special lion's paw feet.

Size: L. 270 W. 110 H. 105
Bench 'Mary' coated fabric with custom trimmings.
Solid wood dresser drawers inlaid with ebony, enriched with bronzes cast handmade following the ancient traditions.

Size: L. 130 W. 64 H. 97
Sofa Template 'Greta', papered fabric customizable.

Size: L. 220 W. 105 H. 87
Dresser wood finish richly inlaid Bolo, accessories in cast bronze.

Sizes: L. 130 P. 64 H. 97

Finely carved wood mirror in hand, pickled finish, with base. 

L. 140 H. 235