GIUSTI PORTOS Forging is the core processing Giusti Portos. Methods and actions are completely handcrafted and boasts in 'encounter expert' s anvil with the hammer. The heat of the fire is joined to the heat of handwork to create unique pieces, never like the others, rich aesthetic values and quality of craftsmanship of ancient times. 'The ability is combined with the shapers of aesthetic design, processing is based on traditional hand craftsmanship. Starting from the forging and welding of iron, from 'wood carving, brushing of' brass ... Even the finishes we rely on traditional techniques, as well as the 'application of fine leaves of' gold and 'silver. Decorations and antiquing are executed with a brush or swab: both the iron for wood that you can choose different finishes, such as floral paintings are done completely by hand. The use of materials such as hill land and vegetable colors to' water marks ... The love for nature at this company. Thus is born each piece collection Giusti Portos: from 'meeting' s love of tradition, wisdom and respect for the craft 'environment

Wooden bed carved, hand painted leaf finish-silver oxide. Quilted mattress with headboard upholstered in velvet fabric dark gray cat. D.
. [...]

Size: L. 177 W. 216 H. 148
Wooden bed decorated Tudor finish ivory, gold-leaf profiles.
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Size: L. 176 W. 215 H. 139
Letto in ferro pieno, forgiato a mano. Con pomo d'alabastro tornito e inciso, finitura foglia-argento decapè.
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Size: L. 171 W. 214 H. 141
Full iron bed, forged and hand painted with special cast, silver-leaf finish Decapé.
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Size: L. 170 W. 216 H. 154
Read hand-forged iron, finished with ceramic coated B54 ivory coloring.
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Size: L. 125 W. 212 H. 129
Bed in forged iron and hand painted. Silver leaf finish pickled C43 ..
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Size: L. 173 W. 213 H. 139
Bed in forged iron finish with ivory consumed.
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Size: L. 181 W. 206 H. 158
Two door wardrobe in lacquered wood, decorated, glazed, antique finish Neptune.. [...]

Size: L. 170 W. 66 H. 218
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